Plant Construction

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With a great deal of know-how and many years of experience worldwide, JOSEF MEISSNER GMBH & CO. KG stands for innovative technologies as well as for quality and reliability in plant construction for the chemical industry and the industry of explosives. We are proven specialists for the engineering, supply, erection, and commissioning of complete plants, special units, or entire plant complexes within the range of our processes. Our plants are employed all over the world. Being one of the leading suppliers, we develop the individual solution matching best with all requirements of the customer. In addition, our customers may use our manifold services on offer relating to plant maintenance and continuous modernization of all plants.

Our Plants and Processes are based on our own research and development as well as on the special know-how resulting from the successful commissioning of more than 600 plants. Our processes are consistently further developed in order to realize exceptionally safe, economical, reliable and environment-friendly plants.

In 2015, MEISSNER expands their activities on plants and technologies for synthetic resins and related products. The formerly independent subsidiary company logo rhe HAENDEL ENGINEERING now complements as RHE product group MEISSNER’s technology programme.

We trust in an experienced, qualified and dedicated team of employees bringing along an optimum blend of many years’ international project experience, expert technical knowledge, and responsibility. Our staff cooperates with you on a basis of mutual trust and gives a flexible and innovative response to all challenges arising in the course of complex projects. The direct dialogue with our customers provides the basis for successful solutions.

MEISSNER, initially a partnership company, was established with its headquarters in Cologne in 1926 by Josef Meissner. The company's first process, today known as the "Schmid-Meissner Process", was developed for the continuous manufacture of Nitroglycerine. In particular the improved safety, but also the constant product quality, combined with utmost reliability, made the concept of continuous Nitroglycerine production a milestone in chemical technology.

Along with establishing a team of capable chemists and engineers, the company know-how was originally extended to further processes in the explosives’ field, but soon afterwards also to processes for preliminary and intermediate civil products of explosives and related compounds.

In succession to the founder, his sons Heribert Meissner as engineer and Dr. Fritz Meissner as graduate chemist took over the management of the company and committed themselves to the purposeful development of the technological know-how, which a. o. resulted in a series of patented processes.

Up to this day, all company shares are held by the family, now in the third generation. Today, the company JOSEF MEISSNER GMBH & CO. KG is managed by Dr. Rolf Meissner (shareholder and managing director) and Dr. Mirko Haendel (managing director).

More than ever, innovative technologies are the driving force behind MEISSNER's activities. They enable our company to meet the most demanding standards regarding safety and environmental compatibility, yet they also ensure outstanding as well as constant product qualities for extraordinary plant capacities along with a maximum plant availability for integrated plant networks.